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Veteran Health

Evexia has a multi-disciplinary healthcare team with a collaborative approach for current and former defence force members.

What is Veteran Health

Co-ordinated by our head exercise physiologist Matt Hoare, a veteran himself, ensures that you know you are working with someone that understands the impact military lifestyle can have and how it can interfere with the transition back to life within the community.

Our DVA allied health services are highly effective for the management and treatment of acute and chronic health conditions and are tailored to every client.

Our programs focus on both individual and group rehabilitation which also includes treatment to help with musculoskeletal pain, contrast therapy for nervous system regulation, and exercise prescription to support PTSD and mental health.


To be eligible for bulk billing services under Veteran Affairs, we require a relevant D904 referral completed by your GP, Medical Specialist or hospital physician including a copy of your veteran affairs white/gold card.


We provide both Exercise Physiology and Occupational Therapy in-clinic, within the home / telehealth and in the community.

Please contact our team on 0493 595 172 for more information.

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