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How to Set Achievable Fitness Goals in 2023

Fitness goals are incredibly important for a number of reasons – they provide something to work towards, motivate you to stay on track and help to measure how well you are doing.

Regardless of how important these goals are, figuring out how to set achievable fitness goals is even more important. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, improve your flexibility or increase your endurance, your goals need to be tailored to your capabilities. 

If you’re trying to become more physically active then realistic, well-planned goals keep you focused and motivated. Read on to explore some of our top tips on how to set achievable fitness goals.

Make your goal specific, time-bound and measurable

Instead of setting a larger, more ambiguous goal, try to choose a small specific goal. This makes it easier for you to plan exactly how you’re going to achieve it. 

Part of being specific also means making your goal measurable, for example: how many minutes do you want to be able to run for, or how many kilograms do you want to be able to lift?

Plus, don’t forget to give your goals a deadline. This gives you a timeframe to focus on and can also help to increase your motivation.

Set small steps towards a bigger goal

It can be helpful to break your goal down into actionable steps, which you can then achieve along the way. These could be specific daily actions or behaviours that lead you to your ultimate goal.

Celebrate the wins

Each time you check off a step towards achieving your goal, celebrate in a way that you enjoy. Goals are hard work, and you deserve to treat yourself as you work towards them.

Be open to playing the long game

We all want instant gratification, however it’s important to be realistic with the time frame you develop for achieving your goal and to understand that lasting change takes time. A long-term mentality will help you see your goal as a lifestyle change, rather than quick fix, and you’ll be much more likely to stick to it.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

If you encounter setbacks along the way, don’t view them as a failure. Instead, try to look at them as an opportunity to learn and get back on track.  Be patient with yourself, new habits aren’t formed overnight.

Tips for tracking your progress

Tracking is key when it comes to implementing your fitness goals and if you followed our tips above, your fitness goals should be trackable. Everyone has different tracking preferences, however the following are just a few methods that can help you stay on top of your progress:

  • Keep a fitness journal to track dates, times, stats and any comments from workout sessions. Also try to make a note of your mental and emotional health daily, pre- and post-workout
  • Take progress photos or measurements 
  • Track your body fat percentage
  • Fitness tracking apps and devices are also a great way to monitor your workouts and vital signs, particularly regarding aerobic exercise goals and heart rate

How to stay accountable when working towards your fitness goals

Holding yourself accountable to taking the steps towards achieving your fitness goals is crucial to turning them into a reality. Two great ways to hold yourself accountable are:

  1. Set daily checklists based on what you want to achieve 
  2. Share your goals with a workout buddy who can help to motivate you

It can also be extremely helpful to stay accountable when you exercise within a supportive community, such as Evexia Therapies. Having a supportive community can also help you to feel more motivated to achieve your goals and can have a positive effect on your mental health. Our community is the key to development and successful training. We are a place where everybody feels welcome and can train in a supportive environment, setting us apart from other fitness facilities.

How we can help you achieve your fitness goals

If you are unsure how to best achieve your particular fitness goals, our experts are here to help. Maybe you’re having a hard time evaluating your current fitness level, determining what would be a realistic goal, or just feeling overwhelmed about the process? 

Our professionals can give you guidance on how realistic your goal is and can help you to set targets along the way, so that you can check in and confirm you are on the right track. We will help to hold you accountable and our supportive community will also be by your side every step of the way. 

Contact us on 0493 595 172 or book in for a session online here.

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