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What makes us different?

Evexia Therapies is a team of allied professionals who bring together exercise physiology, occupational therapy, and recovery services to provide functional capacity assessments on the Gold Coast to help our clients achieve their best health.

Whether you’re returning to work after an injury, need to test for functional work requirements, or want to boost your performance on the field, our functional capacity assessments are designed for real life.

Read on to learn more about the basics behind FCAs and how to talk with one of our practitioners about booking in for your test today.

The Basics of Functional Capacity Assessments

Also referred to as “functional capacity evaluations”, FCAs are a set of standardised tests, observations, and measurements used to evaluate a patient’s ability to perform work-related tasks or daily activities. An industry standard assessment, functional capacity evaluation can help determine a person’s functional abilities, limitations, and restrictions and indicate what modifications may be needed in the context of work, rehabilitation, fitness, or condition and disability management.

While select healthcare professionals have the qualifications needed to offer functional capacity assessments, the Evexia Therapies team have in-house:

Who are qualified and experienced in delivering functional capacity assessments to the Gold Coast community.

Why Book a Functional Capacity Assessment

Among the many reasons our clients book in with the Evexia Therapies team for functional capacity evaluation tests, some of their common needs include:
  • Return to work: If you’ve sustained an illness or injury on or off-site, a FCA can assess your capacity to resume work and help determine what, if any, accommodations or modifications need to be made for you to successfully and safely return to work.
  • Disability evaluations: Our allied health professionals often work as part of a larger team–especially when it comes to our patients living with disabilities. We appreciate having to undergo a Functional Capacity Assessment to support decisions related to disability benefits or claims and can provide you with the information needed to submit your request or claim.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: If you’ve been injured in the workplace or daily life and need to change career fields to a role that’s more suitable for your current abilities, an FCA can help identify and confirm your functional opportunities and limitations and support the decision-making process when it comes to training for or moving into a new job.
  • Treatment planning: FCAs can support rehabilitation and therapy programs by identifying your existing functional strengths and weaknesses and help design a plan that will balance the need of both.
  • Legal cases and Insurance claims: Providing objective data on a person’s functional abilities and limitations after an accident, injury, or offence can be requested from legal services teams. If you’re involved in court proceedings or need objective evidence to support an insurance claim (including Worker’s Compensation) a Functional Capacity Assessment can provide you with the supporting evidence needed.

Step-by-step Functional Capacity Assessment Protocol

Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect during a functional capacity assessment with the Evexia Therapies team:

  • Our practitioner will discuss and record a full review of your medical and (if relevant) work history.
  • We will assess your physical abilities including strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and coordination.
  • Next we’ll observe you in a series of functional tasks such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, and repetitive motions. Modifications will be made where appropriate to ensure the FCA can be completed safely and within the means of all patient levels.
  • Where needed, your FCA can include an assessment of job-specific tasks to help determine your ability to perform the specific duties required in your line of work.
  • Throughout the assessment, your practitioner will observe for pain and fatigue and evaluate how either may impact your overall performance.

The outcome of a functional capacity assessment provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s functional abilities and can help inform decisions related to work, rehabilitation, fitness, therapeutic treatment, and chronic condition or disability management.

Work with the Evexia Therapies Assessment Team

If you’re new to the idea of functional capacity assessments, know that the Evexia Therapies team are experts in the field and very experienced in working with our clients in a safe and supportive way.

For clients who want to discuss the assessment before booking a test, you can speak with our friendly practitioners, who will walk you through the process and potential outcomes. Connect with our front-of-house team today to learn more about our exercise physiologists and occupational therapists and how we can support your journey to a healthier life.

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