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Don't Let Pain or Conditions Hold You Back: What is an Exercise Physiologist?

Struggling with chronic pain that limits your daily activities? Maybe a recent injury has you sidelined from the sports you love. Perhaps managing a health condition like diabetes feels overwhelming.

These are all common challenges that can significantly impact your quality of life. But there’s good news! Exercise physiologists (AEPs) can be your partner in reclaiming your health and well-being. AEPs are university-qualified allied health professionals with a deep understanding of exercise science and its power to improve physical function, manage chronic conditions, and even boost mental health.

Women performing overhead squat working on exercise physiology

The benefits of Exercise Physiology

Our Gold Coast Exercise Physiology services specialise in clinical exercise interventions.

Focusing on improving your life through exercise prescription to prevent and manage chronic disease.

Exercise physiology is important because it is the catalyst for change in our bodies. When prescribed and completed according to expert advice, it is the most efficient method for improving your lifestyle and managing your conditions such as:

  • Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries
  • Injury rehabilitation
    Neurological and cardiovascular conditions
  • Chronic diseases
  • Cancer
  • Mental illness
Male on exercise bike working on recovery from injury

Conditions our Exercise Physiologist can help with:

Our exercise physiology services specialise in clinical exercise interventions designed to enhance your quality of life. We offer tailored exercise prescriptions aimed at preventing and managing chronic diseases and pain, helping you achieve better health and wellness.

  • Musculoskeletal Conditions and injuries including (arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia)
  • Cardiovascular Disease (coronary artery disease, hypertension, cardiac arrest etc)
  • Metabolic Disease (including pre-diabetes, diabetes, metabolic syndrome)
  • Neurological Conditions (Parkinson’s disease, spinal cord injury, stroke etc)
  • Kidney Disease
  • Respiratory Disease (Asthma, COPD etc)
  • Cancer
  • Cognitive and Mental Health (Depression, Anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Education and advice on lifestyle changes to improve overall health
  • Exercise Prescription for functional improvements including strength and conditioning, functional movement screening, mobility.
  • Workplace Assessments
  • Pre-employment Health Assessments
  • Workplace Injury Assessments
  • Musculoskeletal Assessments including treatment

Meet our Gold Coast Exercise Physiologists

Matt Hoare

Exercise Physiologist

  • Masters Clinical Exercise Physiology
  • Bachelor Sports and Exercise Science
  • Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 1
  • Dry Needling Level 1 & 2
  • Functional Movement for Injury Prevention – Assessment (Level 1)
  • Functional Movement for Exercise Prescription
  • Diabetes & Exercise
  • Titleist Pro Institute Level 1
    (The Body Swing Connection)
  • Titleist Pro Institute Medical Level 2
  • HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drug abuse testing
  • HLT37215 – Certificate 3 in Pathology Collection

Lane Ticehurst

Exercise Physiologist

  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology
  • Weightlifting / Sports Power Coach Level 1
  • Special Interest: Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Healthy Hearts Programme
  • Dry Needling Level 1
  • HLTPAT005 – Collect specimens for drug abuse testing
  • HLT37215 – Certificate 3 in Pathology Collection

Programs run by our Qualified Exercise Physiologists

Veteran Group Exercise

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Our Veterans class is run by our head exercise physiologist Matt whose passion is to help veterans improve their physical and mental health through evidence-based exercise in a supportive community environment. Veterans progress through to this class after a 1:1 consult with one of our exercise physiologists.

Gold Coast Exercise Physiology FAQs

Read some of the most commonly asked questions below if you’re new to Exercise Physiology and want to make sure that it’s the right fit for you before making an appointment.
While exercise physiology and physiotherapy are both allied health practices that can help you achieve sustainable physical and mental health and wellness, they treat, assess, and rehabilitate your needs differently. Whereas physiotherapists commonly diagnose and treat various musculoskeletal, neurological, and cardiorespiratory conditions, exercise physiologists are experts in exercise science. Regardless of your current fitness level, an exercise physiologist can help you develop and implement an exercise program that meets your unique abilities and needs when you want to improve your overall health and fitness. While both practices can use exercise as a form of treatment, physiotherapists have a broader scope of work that can include hands-on assessment and treatment with a focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation. Exercise physiologists primarily focus on exercise science and the effects of physical activity on the body. As our exercise physiologist have had additional training, they are also able to assist recovery from injury and pain through mobility, dry needling and hands on treatment.

Exercise physiologists (EPs) typically do not perform massage as part of their primary role. Most EPs speciality is understanding the effects of exercise on the body and developing exercise programs for different populations (from very young patients to older, those who are currently exercising and those who want to begin a new fitness program). The Evexia Exercise Physiologists work with our clients to improve their overall health, fitness, and performance and often work as part of an allied health team when it comes to a patient’s overall care plan.

An exercise physiologist can help with a variety of health-related concerns and goals; however, they primarily apply their understanding and experience in exercise science and the human body’s response to physical activity. Some of the core areas our clients come into to see the Evexia Exercise Physiologists include:

  • Improving Overall Health and Fitness: If you’re looking to improve your overall physical fitness, manage your weight, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, an exercise physiologist can create a personalised exercise program tailored to your needs.
  • Managing Chronic Conditions: EPs can work with patients who have chronic health conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, or obesity, to help them manage their symptoms and improve their overall health.
  • Rehabilitation/pain: when recovering from injuries, surgeries, and other medical conditions, EPs can help design an exercise regime that will support increased mobility and function.
  • Athletic Performance and Support: Athletes involved in competitive sports may work with exercise physiologists to optimise their training programs, improve their performance, and minimise the risk of injury.
  • Ageing and Older Adults: Exercise physiologists can design exercise programs that address the specific needs of older adults, helping them maintain their independence, improve their quality of life, and reduce the risk of age-related health issues and common injuries.

The Evexia Therapies team does work with Medicare, NDIS, Veteran Affairs, and some workplace cover programs so that our clients can access the care they need. Speak to us about Medicare coverage before you book an appointment if this is something you’ll need.

Exercise physiology and kinesiology are closely related fields, and there can be some overlap between the roles. That said, there are important differences that make them two distinct areas of the allied health community.

Kinesiologists often study the broader study of human movement and physical activity and their effects on health, performance, and disease prevention. Kinesiology covers a range of disciplines, including biomechanics, motor control, exercise physiology, sports psychology, and rehabilitation.

On that note, EPs often specialise in one of the disciplines within kinesiology—specifically, exercise physiology. Our team of exercise physiologists on the Gold Coast deeply understands the acute and chronic effects of exercise on the body and develops exercise programs for a wide variety of clients.

Movement Is Medicine

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